Xavier Copel was born in Cahors in 1968 and became a graduate enologist from the University of Toulouse in 1991.

After having made wine in Cahors and at the Domaine de Chevalier, he settled in Bordeaux in 1992 where he established his trading company.

Throughout the following years, he developed his “micro-négoce” and consulting activities in the heart of the greatest terroirs of Bordeaux, the South-West of France and Spain. He worked extensively in these regions and had therefore established privileged contacts with the best growers.

The trust and confidence developed in this period are the essential assets in the creation of his new range of wines.

This project is a tribute to his ancestors. To one of them in particular, Antoine Copel, whose signature dresses the labels.

Born in 1812 in Champagne, this Parisian worker took part in the French revolution of 1848. After coup d’état of Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte on 2 December 1851, he was forced to go into exile in Algeria with his family.

The signature is present on the birth certificate of his last son, born in Algeria in 1861. Document found by Xavier COPEL when he created the family tree oh his family.

After more than a century of presence in Algeria, the family was again forced into exile in 1962.

It is this legacy and this memory that Xavier COPEL perpetuates by signing these creations.