Malbec rosé

The parcel of Malbec old vines is planted on Siderolithic limestone near Cahors. The wine is made from the cut of the red Cahors 2018.

As does the red, unlike the traditional rosés, this rosé did the malolactic fermentation in barrel .

Biodynamic viticulture. Ecocert certification.

Development of Malbec rosé / Natural evolution of color

1 – The bleeding of the old vines of Malbec

2 – The grape juice after bleeding

3 – Malbec is being fermented in barrels

4 and 5 – Malbec after bottling

Recipe for a perfect wine and food pairing by the chef Margaux “Les plats qu’on M”

Bass ceviche at citrus fruit, pomegranate with sweet potato crisps

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